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Recap 2023

2023 has been a year marked by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Anquins. But in addition, we have done many other activities... Let's take a look!



This year we have had five solo exhibitions at the gallery. The tribute to Modest Cuixart was the first, starting the special programming for the celebration of Anquins' 50th anniversary. Then Jesus Curiá and his magnificent sculptures, followed by the exhibition in commemoration of the centenary of Morató Aragonès. Lastly, artists Alejandro Quincoces and Ramon Surinyac have also filled the gallery walls with stunning works.



This year the gallery has continued to have an international presence, participating in different fairs throughout 2023: AAF Hamburg, AAF Brussel·les, AAF Amsterdam and ArtKarlsruhe.

Celebration of the gallery's 50 years:


2023 has been a very important year for Anquins, we have celebrated our fifties! And we have done it with a special program throughout the year and two simultaneous exhibitions created expressly for the occasion. The first with the name “Vincles”, with fifty works by fifty artists who work with the gallery, created especially for this event. The second exhibition was held at Cal Massó, “50 years of art” with chronological axes, images and dates of Anquins' career, catalogs, posters, photographs from the beginning to the present and a video report.

On March 24 we inaugurated them, holding an art party with artists, gallery owners, authorities, friends and family who wanted to share this day. You can find the chronicle of the celebration here.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, we have written and edited with the journalist Tate Cabré the book “Chronicle of a Particular Art Gallery” which captures the journey of all these years and its different stages. It was presented at El Círcol de Reus. You can find it in physical or digital format by clicking here.



It has also been a year with a variety of very positive collaborations, where we have united with the territory.


We have been working with Infinitum, an exclusively resort in Salou. On the one hand, contributing to the decoration of one of its houses shown with works by some artists from the gallery. And on the other hand, Tatiana Blanqué made an artistic intervention during a celebration event.

The Vincles exhibition moved for a time to the cultural space of the Forum Bergés Balaguer, thus taking the works to Vilafranca del Penedés.

We have also offered workshops. We have been with the Joan Rebull School in Reus as part of its Art Rebull project, telling about the gallerism and letting the students' imagination fly by creating their own exhibitions from scraps, images and papers. Furthermore, within the framework of Big Draw 2023 in Reus, the artist Teresa Riba has taught a drawing and gouache workshop in the gallery, with the title “Drawing feelings”.

More celebrations:

Pepa Quinteiro has been awarded the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her work at the gallery over 50 years, at the 16th edition of the GAC Awards.

Art Week:

A new edition of the Art Week of Catalonia has been held in which Anquins has participated with different activities. The artist Pablo Bruera with a talk about Guernica and the work of Picasso, the gallery giving a work by Francesca Poza to the MAMT and offering a guided tour of the gallery as part of the Art Bus route.

It has been a year full of movement, of celebrating and continuing to create new projects, of sharing art with artists, entities, and the public. A year of looking back and looking forward to keep growing.


Thank you for accompanying us!

And if you want to see all this in images... don't miss the Instagram recap here!

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