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Marta Lafuente

Barcelona, 1976

Marta Lafuente reflects the imaginary, innocent and dreamlike world of children. She portays childhood as if holding a mirror up to passed sceneries, aiming to portray moments of absence and memory which remain synthesized in the created images. “[Children] are astonished witnesses of this world, of these hours and days, perhaps of a time which is forever lost and without distress; it seems to be restrained, suspended and present like a remnant of eternity. They bring up the magic of a detained time.” Also, the harmony, the elegance, the dynamism and the motion of classic or contemporary dance are topics which fascinate the artist and has been interpreted by her with all the strength and character of her stroke. She uses mixed techniques (charcoal, graphite, pastel and oil) on paperboard to achieve tremendous expression and combines different art forms such as painting, drawing and animation.


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