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6 June 1978, Tarragona With the photography, Lluc Queralt was carried away by the world: in lands in a war like Palestine, Syria, Greece, the United States, countries of the east... but also Nordic lands like Iceland, a country with which it created close bonds and where he does not stop to return, to paint and expose. Lately he has developed his creation through the Nordic countries, in cities like Helsinki and galleries like the Reykjav√≠k Art Gallery. In Spain, his fame is due to his hard-hitting photographic work, awarded in the Absolut Portfolios photographic contest and soon to be exhibited in France in Bordeaux. His work is very powerful, his photography and his painting are very connected. In it she plays with her photos: she often works with old bases, old papers and posters, and then she paints and works applying transfers and screen printing. 2004 "Cad√°ver exquisit" collective exhibition of prints. art Museum Modern of Tarragona. "Open Studios" collective photography exhibition. Tarragona. "Urban Reflection" collective exhibition painting and photography. Artomatic Gallery. Washington D.C. USES 2005 Corpse and Graffiti "collective painting exhibition. Moll of Costa.Tarragona. Graffiti a les persianes "collective painting exhibition. Taller Rosell√≥ Tarragona " The Antipodes" individual photography expo. Casa Cumari. Kathmandu. Nepal. 2006 Retrats of Nepal "individual photography expo. Old audi√®ncia.Tarragona. "Upper Part 20-21" collective photography exhibition. Antic ajuntament.Tarragona 2007 "Retrats of Nepal" individual photography exhibition. House Alta√Įr. Barcelona. "Cuba" expo individual photography. Workshop room Rossell√≥. Tarragona "Vuit fot√≤grafs interpreten Pin i Soler" collective photography exhibition. Former audi√®ncia. Tarragona. 2008 "Drops of water" collective photography exhibition. Workshop room Rossell√≥.Tarragona "Angir graffarar" collective painting exhibition. Central Gallery Reykjav√≠k. Island. "Kosher" expo individual painting. Renmin Gallery. Perth, Australia. 2009 "SCAN Festival" The crit "and" The mort is not ben vista "collective photography expo. Pep Escoda Room. Gallery Rossell√≥. Tarragona. "Culinary Broth" collective painting exhibition. Niu Gallery. Barcelona. "A TRES MANS" Collective Expo Josep M Rossell√≥, Josep Rollo i Lluc Queralt Espai Rossell√≥. 2010 Hebron Palestine expo "raw cloth" espai hebron comuniti ravilitation " April N.Y Collective Expo 2011 Exhibition painting llluc Queralt "the corner" Madrid. Exhibition photography "the Melic"
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