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“...His work brings us a smile, for the sympathy that transmits in the forms of figures and landscapes. The color used is applied with intuition: his painting becomes magical...” -La galeria, de San Cugat BIOGRAPHY: Cardona 1968 Jordi Pintór was born in the Catalan town of Cardona, 1968. He graduated in Fine Arts, in painting and engraving and also studied design and philosophy. The artist is naw livind in Barcelona where he also works. His creations are characterized by a precise and precious recreation of a fantastic world with a clear tendency naive. Illusion, but also lots of humor, is combined in a symbolic work, which makes use of a large and powerful chromaticism. His compositions combine the order and chaos in a beautiful harmony in a very personal universe. Among its most obvious influences we can list Constructivism, Fauvism, structuralism, metaphysical painting, cubism and naive. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 2000- "Mundos for Lelo" George Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona 2001- "One day I dreamed" Art Gallery two thousand two. Zaragoza "Devotions for at worldly" .The Gallery. Sant Cugat 2002- "permanent Holidays" gallery Jordi Barnadas. 2003- "another world is possible." PHOTO GALLERY. Sant Cugat 2004- "Metaphysics of mas aca." Gallery George Barnadas "Art of Flying." Gallery 22. Even 2005- "the good life". Lady Art Gallery. Calafell "Life inside." Gallery. Sant Cugat 2006- "Cosmic Futurism." Gallery George Barnadas "Urban Loves." Gallery 22. Even 2007- "Dias de playa y nihilism." Gal. Joan Planellas. Tossa de Mar "Bon voyage." Gallery. Sant Cugat 2008 - "Return to Paradise." Gallery George Barnadas "Constructive Spirit" the Gallery Four. Granollers "Water Worlds" Gallery 22. matched 2009 - "domesticated lives." Gallery. Sant Cugat 2010- "El peso de los años". Gallery joan Planellas. Tossa de Mar "Gloria Mundi." Jordi Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona "The world is very small." Gallery 22. Even 2011- "The greatness of the small". The Gallery Four. Granollers "De Colores." Gallery. Sant Cugat 2012- "For humor to Arte." Gallery Anquines. Reus "Pound - mind." POINT ART Gallery. Terrace. FAIRES (national and international) -Fira ART EXPO. Jordi gallery Barnadas -Fira Artissima. TORINO (Italy) gallery Jordi Barnadas -Fira ART. MADRID. Jordi gallery Barnadas -Fira ART. MADRID. the gallery FOUR -Fira MiArt, Milan (Italy) gallery Jordi Barnadas -Fira ST'ART, Strasbourg (France) gallery Jordi Barnadas -GINEBRA (Switzerland) "A sur trois." Room Parent & Cie and Van Daal -Make ART MADRID. Jordi gallery Barnadas -Make ART MADRID. the gallery FOUR -Art PADUA. Jordi gallery Barnadas GRANTS AND AWARDS: -BECA AMIGÓ-CUYÀS.VIATGE FOUNDATION FOR SPAIN. -BECA JUAN bees. Royal Artistic Circle BARCELONA -Diploma Honorary Barceló Foundation. Palma de Mallorca -SELECCIONADO THE PAINTING PRIZE OF THE YOUNG. Sala Pares ROOM TO PAINTING PRIZE -FINALISTA VALENTÍ. Sant Pere de Rives - Selected in the sixth IBERDROLA PAINTING CONTEST - UEX. Badajoz -SELECCIONADO IN CONTEMPORARY ART XI CATALÁ Photo Feeds, traveling to Catalonia -SELECCIONADO THE PRIZE DRAWING ROOM PARÉS JOVEN -First PRIZE: CYA MADRID FASHION YOUNG ARTISTIC EXPRESSION -SELECCIONADO III BIENNIAL ART CENTENARIO FUTBOL CLUB BARCELONA -SELECCIONADO THE PRIZE DRAWING ROOM PARÉS JOVEN -First PRIZE graphic work ENCICLOPEDIA CATALAN -Certainly VILLARROBLEDO of Visual Arts. Selected -Certainly SALON NATIONAL PAINTING OF AUTUMN. SAN FERNANDO, CADIZ -FINALISTA IN PAINTING PRIZE ADEMA Champagnat. PONTEVEDRA -SELECCIONADO PAINTING PRIZE OF PONFERRADA -Certainly NATIONAL PAINTING JOSÉ SAGRELLES -SELECCIONADO FOR PAINTING PRIZE CITY Andujar MUSEUMS AND FOUNDATIONS: - UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA - Banco de Sabadell FOUNDATION - COLLECTION WITNESS. THE BOX - CITY CARDONA - BARCELONA'S TOWN HALL - Vila Casas Foundation - MUSEUM BASSAT MATARO COLECTIVAS GEORGE Coloring: 1996: Galeria Manel Mayoral (Barcelona) 1997: Galeria Manel Mayoral (Barcelona) Matisse Gallery (Carme Espinet) Barcelona 1998: Sala Dalmau (Barcelona) Rene Metras Gallery (Barcelona) Matisse Gallery (Barcelona) 1999: Fundacion Codespa. Hotel Majestic (Barcelona) PRINTS feria de Madrid. Maragall Editions 2000: Art Fair Artissima Turin. Gallery George Barnadas 2001: IV Feria de Arte Contemporaneo de Ibiza GIART Gallery (Girona) Prayer feria de Madrid. Maragall editions Feria de Arte in Madrid. Gallery George Barnadas Gallery Arnau. Barcelona Col.ectiva de Navidad. Gallery George Barnadas 2002: "10 years." Collective Jordi Barnadas Col.ectiva Giovanni Philippe. PARIS Diagonal Island. Galeria Safia. Barcelona Gallery Juan Amiano. PAMPLONA "Figure". Gallery. Sant Cugat Galeria Safia. Barcelona Arnau Art Gallery. Barcelona Yellow. Art Gallery. Barcelona "Tricomi" KROMA gallery. Sant Feliu Collective Christmas. Gallery George Barnadas "Tempus fugit." Llucià Homs Gallery. Barcelona 2003: De Arte. Feria de Madrid. Gallery George Barnadas POP. International Galleries. NUEVA YORK Maria Luisa Safont Art Galerie. IBIZA Diagonal Island. Galeria Safia. Barcelona Gallery KROMA. Sant Feliu "Extraña childhood." PHOTO 3 POINTS. Barcelona Collective de Navidad. Jordi Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona "MOMENTS". The gallery. Sant Cugat del Valles Galeria Safia. Barcelona ART EXPO. The gallery. Sant Cugat 2004: Col. bargaining. L'arcada Blanes Gallery Fortak. BERLIN Island Art. Galeria Safia. Barcelona "PAINTING AND ADDRESS." Gallery. Barcelona 2005: IN ART. Feria de Arte de Gerona Island art. Galeria Safia. Barcelona "SUMMER READING." Jordi Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona "Col. ART LADY bargaining." Calafell "Year of books and reading." Gallery. Sant Cugat L'Arcada Blanes Galeria Joan Planellas. Tossa de Mar The four. Granollers Jordi Barnadas. Barcelona Arnau Gallery Gallery. Sant Cugat del Valles LEGER WHERE? . Gallery 3 points. Barcelona 2006: Fair MiArt. Milan. Gallery George Barnadas Gallery. Sant Cugat The four Gallery. Granollers "SMALL FORMAT." Gallery George Barnadas 2007: "15th Anniversary" George Barnadas Gallery. Barcelona Gallery Echeverria. San Sabastian THE FOUR Gallery. Granollers Gallery PIZARRO. Valencia 'ARCADA The Gallery. Blanes. Gerona Fair MiArt. Milan. Gallery George Barnadas "SMALL FORMAT." Gallery George Barnadas 2008: "building sets" the four. Granollers Col. elctiva gallery isms. Vilanova i la Geltru Gallery Echebarria. San Sebastian Gallery PIZARRO. Valencia l'ARCADA. Blanes Fair ART MADRID. The Gallery Four "LOOKS". Gallery. Sant Cugat Collective. Gallery George Barnadas 2009: four. Granollers "BARNADAS, painting, BARCELONA." Gallery George Barnadas Collective Summer. Gallery JORGE ALCOLEA. Madrid The gallery. Sant Cugat Fair START. Strasbourg. Gallery George Barnadas CARTEL CARNIVAL 2009. Barcelona's town Hall 2010: Milan Fair. Gallery George Barnadas l'Arcada. Blanes Gallery Echeverria. SAN SEBASTIAN AGORA GALLERY. Sitges Gallery Anquines. Reus THE FOUR Gallery. Granollers 2011: 25th anniversary. The Gallery FOUR Col. bargaining. Room PARENTS Salo May. Gallery Anquines. Reus Litographies artistic. La Palmera. S.L Gallery Arnau. Barcelona Diagonal Island. Galeria Safia. Barcelona Collective Gallery isms. Vilanova i la Geltru Col. Gallery bargaining. Sant Cugat Col. Anquines bargaining. Reus THE FOUR Collective. Granollers

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