“My work presents urban scenes, realist landscapes. My paintings often encompass broad visions, treated with bright lights (light is always the main concept) and where the human figure plays a little significance.”
- Carlos Diaz

Barcelona , 1968.

The painter from Barcelona is one of the most distinguished artists from the new generation who cultivates the realism from a contemporary optics. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries of Europe and different fairs of art, obtaining a great success. He has been selected in a collective sample of Spanish realism in the prestigious Panorama-Museum in Bad Frankenheuse (Germany).
In Diaz works the light and the chiaroscuro are protagonists of the elaborated compositions. He impregnates beauty in the objects, places and forms, that happen unnoticed for all day after day. The fronts, street furniture, vehicles, and the sea … are the usual themes of his work. The absence of the human presence is also a point of his work that enlarges the small moments.

EXHIBITIONS (summary):

1993 Am Opernring Gallery, Vienna
Jaimes Gallery, BCN
1994 Zenhid Gallery, Madrid
Royal Art Gallery, Sabadell
1995, Valencia
Augusta Gallery
Anquin's Room 1997, Reus
Gallery l'Arcada, Blanes
1998 Gallery Foz, Sitges
The Quatre d'art room, Granollers
1999 Gallery Horrach-Moya, Palma de Mallorca
2000 Gallery Llucià Homs, BCN
Anquin's Room 2001, Reus
The Quatre d'art room, Granollers
2002 L'Arcada Gallery, Blanes
Foz Gallery, Sitges
2003 Llucià Homs Gallery, BCN
Juan Ammianus Gallery, Pamplona
Anquin's Room 2004, Reus
Foz Gallery, Sitges
2005 The Cloister Gallery, Girona-Figueres
L'Arcada Gallery, Blanes
2006 Puchol Gallery, Valencia
Foz Gallery, Sitges
Anquin's room, Reus
2007- El Quatre d'art room, Granollers
El Claustre Gallery, Girona
2008 Sala Pares, Barcelona
Foz Gallery, Sitges
2009- Mada Primavesi Gallery, Madrid
El Claustre Gallery, Figueres
2010- Sala Pares, BCN
2011 Palau de l'Abadia. Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona)
Anquin's Galeria d'Art, Reus (Tarragona)
2012 Roman Temple, Vic (Barcelona)
2013 Sala Parés. Barcelona
2014 Art Space, Saus-Camallera (Girona)
2015 Sala Pares. Barcelona


1989 Award "Collectors" Sala Pares, BCN
1992 Mention of Honor, "Gir-1 Painting Art Contest", Calafell
1993 Award ”Consell Comarcal del Baix Camp”, Anquin's room, Reus
3rd finalist "Premi Valentí", Sant Pere de Ribes
1994 Award "Raimond Maragall i Noble" Sala Pares, BCN

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